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"Great service and EXCELLENT packaging, after a couple of years buying from various websites I believe I have found my pond supplier!"
-Laurie C., California

"I just had the pleasure of placing an order with your company.Cathy was an absolute jewel - she was patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in helping me select the appropriate items for my needs. It has been a true pleasure doing business with you."
Scotty D., South Carolina

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Pond Liners

PondWorld.com offers a variety of pond liner styles for any size and depth of pond. We sell pond liners that are safe and durable and are the industry standard for fish pond liners. Find plastic liners for sale from this assortment in pre-cut sizes or rolls as you prefer. Choose from a variety of pond liner products from PondWorld.com for a beautiful, clear pond. Our expert technical support staff is available to assist you in selection and measurement of pond liners or use our helpful pond liner size calculator.

There are many varieties of pond liner types to choose from, depending upon your climate, the location of your water garden and your budget. Choosing a quality liner is also important for keeping aquatic life healthy. Some considerations for choosing the right fish pond liners include the climate-whether warm or cold, sunlight-will the water be in the sun or shade, the size of your pond and whether you will be installing the pond liner yourself or having it done by a contractor.

Choose a pond liner that allows you to build the pond you have planned. There are several types of pond liners. It is recommended that, even if you don’t plan to have fish in your pond at this time, you use a pond liner that supports fish so that you can add them at any time in the future. A plastic liner can be used for either a large or small pond. Since it is flexible, it is easier to install and maintain. Once a hole is dug, installation is a multi-step process. First, you must make sure that your hole is in the exact form that you would like, including leveling the bottom of the pond with a fine layer of sand. To protect your pond liner, you may choose to add and underlayment. This will help extend the life of your liner and keep you from having to make. To finish the process, leave at least 6 inches of liner at the top and bury under your sod. Whether you are building a pond for your garden or farm, Pond World has the plastic and rubber pond liners as well as all installation and repair supplies you will need to get the job done right.

If you have any questions about which pond liner to buy, PondWorld.com has a friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff available to assist you.

How to Calculate Pond Liner Size
Length of Liner = Pond Length + (Pond Depth x 2) + (Overlap x 2)
Width of Liner = Pond Width + (Pond Depth x 2) + (Overlap x 2)

We recommend a 2' overlap on all sides.  Be sure to measure the longest, deepest and widest point of the water feature to ensure the accurate size.

Contact us if you need assistance with freight quotes on liner rolls.

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